Busy Busy Day

Day one of a blog and a busy day it is! Youre welcome Big because now you have this to read so when you cant get ahold of me you can just check up on me here! haha just kidding, we both know i dont update enough for you to be able to do that.. but ill try harder this time 🙂 i had an accounting test this morning, i think it went okay.. 50 questions, multiple choice.. not too bad.. im in business law class now listening to how people get sued and served and what not, very interesting .. haha.. anyway thats it for now. i have a very busy day today

Accounting Test @ 11
BLAW @ 12:30
Work @ 2 – 5
Work AGAIN! @ 5 – 10
and then home 🙂

but today is also supposed to be football practice for AXiD and being co-intramural chair, i think im supposed to be there… wednesday’s, however, do not work for me.. so im going to have to figure this out..



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